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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  September 6, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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convention and make the case what he deserves or more years in office. if you share the faith with me if you share that hope with me ask you tonight for your vote. grace lee heads up our coverage tonight the president offered no apologies for past four years and acknowledged he had failings he says he is the man to lead our country the next four years danielle nottingham in charlotte, north carolina with more on his speech. democrats celebrated as president obama and vice- president joe biden accepted the nomination. the economy and number-one issue for voters in this race the president admitted more work is needed. you did not elect me to tell you what you wanted to hear, you elected me to tell you the
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truth. the truth is it will take more than a few years to solve challenges that built up over decades president obama trying to fire up supporters is working to win over undecided voters by drawing a contrast with mitt romney. you have a choice, we can give more tax breaks to corporations or start rewarding companies that open new plants and train workers and create jobs in the united states of america. vice-president joe biden said president obama has proven himself a leader during difficult times. he has never wavered he has never backs down he steps up the democratic finality included former arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords vice-president biden hit the campaign put together on
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friday the president takes a today bust sort through the battleground state of florida over the weekend. in charlotte danielle nottingham cbs 5 the democrats have taken a lot of shots at republican ideals which spoke with furyk california republican party chair to get his response to the president's speech this is what i call the ultimate solutions election, big government spending and massive tax increases that in the congress says is coming under his plan would not help the economy this is a politician committed to a plan america cannot afford the president has been criticized for having hollywood heavyweights around him tonight after scarlett johansson said she speaking not as a member of
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hollywood a young woman from middle-class background. in 2008 and less than half of eligible voters between 18-24 voted young america why are we only speaking with a half hour voice so many issues are at stake directly affect best. the first lady michelle obama introduced her husband he thanked her for making him a lucky man and told his daughters he is proud of them but guessed they still have to go to school tomorrow. gristly cbs 5 good timing for the president stocks trade at a four year pike stock soared 200 points for two reasons european central bank laid out a plan to support the struggling countries and buy bonds and first-time unemployment claims fell 12,000 last week.
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the first formal tribute held for the chp officer killed in line of duty. officer in canyon like mark youngstrom, costa area and of watch september 5, 2012. i attended the bell ringing ceremony this afternoon at the c h p academy in west sacramento fellow officers and co-workers and cadets pay their respects to officer youngstrom who died last night in walnut creek. i spoke to the chp commissioner he says an incident like this is devastating that most people do not understand. these are men and women do what every day trying to make their communities safe and lives are tragically taken, it scars
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and wounds the entire organization this event was senseless. the wounds run deep throughout the entire organization not just the department but throughout entire law-enforcement community. the commissioner says they are still intent on finding out why the shooter to the action he did it want to know the motive and background. they're still working on the case. kristyn errors on how officer youngstrom gave life after death. mourners' strong in mourners came to c h p headquarters with messages of condolence ken youngstrom gunned down on interstate 680 tuesday shot by a man he pulled over on life-support the california transplant network learned that he was an organ and tissue donor.
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he was such a giving man not surprised he was on the registry he made his final get. in a statement youngstrom said family said as much: this officer by his gift saved a potential eight people. like these transplant recipients they will receive youngstrom is organs have been identified a handful of 140,000 patients waiting to receive part long lever the giver and small intestine transplants. their wedding to live nationwide 19 died without transplants everyday the c h p expressed its support for youngstrom decision. sending a fellow c h p officer to stand in solidarity his donor
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pen just below his badge. under the most tragic circumstances you can expect a get to save a life you can become an organ donor by registering with the dmv or go to donate life california dot or christin ayers cbs 5 search and rescue teams looking for a man from lafayette who disappeared in the sacramento river bread olson last seen at beer can beach in chico's sunday. friends and family held a vigil. one of all son's friends held a banner over highway 24 to publicize the case. we made a banner in memory of brett it is and instagram were trying to spread awareness he is missing and get as many people to know he is missing and
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of was someone will see him and find him investigators do not know if all some ground crews continued to search areas along the river. a third camper has died from hantavirus from the yosemite national park the victim the sniper identity has not been released he lived in west virginia and visited the park in june. five other people have gotten sick. the warning has expanded to those who stayed in the tuolomne area of the park and high sierra camps they estimate as many as 20,000 people may have been exposed to the rodent borne disease. a man found himself in a tight spot in san as a warning that trash bag and wedged between two buildings. reporter elissa harrington explants police say it was the end of an eventful evening.
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not the smartest getaway plan a suspect tried to flee from cops calls them for help after getting stuck between two buildings were in a garbage bag. he had no chance to move he was working security at the orchard supply hardware in san jose he saw the suspect identified as arturo car run out. he ran from the accident an accident happened a block from the shopping center but hours earlier this story goes back to last night when police said corona led officers on a high-speed chase, he pulled off into down crashed into a car then fled on foot that was at 10:00 p.m., just before 2:00 a.m. and 9 1 1 calls from corona. he was trapped between the wall of a shopping center and soundboard he either jumped or fell
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about 20 ft.. this is a tight spot tighter than chimneys he was wedged in about 1 ft. of space get it out took one hour and a half the teen use special ropes putting wristlets around his wrist and hoisted him up donning a garbage bag he was being chased by strangers and give a fake name. they learn he was an actual wanted individual with a warrant for his arrest the link into the car and crashed police say he ditched his close corona recovers at hospital for injuries, next at jail quarters will be billed for felony hit and run and driving on suspended licenses. one person was sent to the hospital the guard said the man's girlfriend showed up with clothing for police it appears the suspect called his
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girlfriend for help then realized he needed professionals to get him out. elissa harrington cbs 5 it seems like they're turning their backs on hispanic culture the new hiring practice that makes a local grocery chain and the mes. the big ride almost over the big on-line shopping rush that could save you money but only if you order a next nine days. prove a glass of red wine good for looks like it's going to start a so little um, but i uh... (interupting) oh okay - okay yup that's fine.
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excuse me - sorry. yes! vo: from the new, to the hard to find:
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new hiring practices making the bay area is the largest latino brochure chain enemies, some customers threaten a boycott the big change at me pueblo it has built a growing change of 21 grocery stores thanks to which hard-working work force made up of mostly spanish-speaking immigrants do to change in policy regarding immigration background checks some customers have second thoughts about chopping their it seems like the turn their backs on the hispanic culture. ballot to pressure from the u.s. government the supermarket agrees to start using that e verify program to confirm employment eligibility for future workers. many hispanic retailers are pushed to adopt the program e verify a government run
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program and verify social security numbers with u.s. government records but its accuracy is less than 50% the decision weighed on as we understand there's criticism about the program we agree with the criticisms however it is something we have been asked to do as a recommendation from a homeland security. the decision met with protest from religious and labor leaders. the chain was founded by a mexican american immigrant. they are accused of using e verify to in it intimidate workers. it is curious they adopt this in the immigrant community with immigrant workers and clientele the retail clerks' union battles against the program for years trying to organize its workers this is the first time that called a boycott scheduled
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to begin saturday. len romney this cbs 5 the rush is on you could save money by shopping on-line over nine days after that and is and will collect sales tax on purchases made in california reporter ken bell says it is not amazon's idea of land and silicon valley is the undoing. along decade but this bookstore in san jose it has outlasted the loophole we have survived after months of pressure from california lawmakers amazon will charge a sales tax september 15 in the first year amazon should generate $150 million in revenue i thought at last think goodness we level the playing field amazon argues it does not collect sales tax because it did not have a physical presence a
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subsidiary quietly develop the kindle in cupertino, lab 126 gobbles up half a million square feet of office space in sunnyvale amazon has broken ground on a distribution center in patterson, the company did not return calls for comment. it looks like amazon is coming under the shadows are you saying amazon is being a good guy because they have been forced to? yes they did not come into it on their own would ever come clean kind of thing so. that is not a good thing customers grumble about the tax but get that california needs the money kiet do, cbs 5 nearly one in every three americans have high blood pressure most cannot have it
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under control new research suggests wind might help. dr. kim mulvihill explants there's a twist light to moderate drinking can be good for your help a new study takes a look researchers studied 67 men at risk for heart disease they ate the same diet plus beverage revlon and non alcoholic red wine or 3 ounces of liquor. all of the man tried all the beverages there was a little reduction in red wine face and no chain up drinking it jan, after drinking on alcoholic red want a six point drop in systolic and two point drop in diastolic blood pressure. this cardiologists at ucsf: something in red wine but not the actual alcohol that was helping to lower blood pressure
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and improve cardiovascular profile, which frankly was disappointing went very powerful anti oxidants found in red wine and non alcoholic red wine it helps lower blood pressure but alcoholic reduces the benefit. is it time to swap your cabernet for the non alcoholic version the doctor says more study is needed. all the studies suggest that people who drank one glass of wine per day are likely to live longer with better health, that is a robust finding what is most important moderation. the problem we have with american diet, people think a little as good a lot is better and that is not true with want whether white wine offers the same benefit remains unresolved. white wine misses the anti
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oxidants dr. kim mulvihill, cbs 5 paul deanno many folks around the world visit our area because of the want a live look out side, treasure island toward the city would be good
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you may relate to this story, back-to-school time one mom celebrates with a touchdown victory dance. ♪ video of this iman dancing at a school bus stop has gone viral much to her kids embarrassment. it is not the first time she's gotten her groove on apparently a trying summer with the kids last year laughter blasting michael jackson's " beat it " the kids were not embarrassed at all. on the bus and then 1 million people see it on the video.
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take a peek out side my son is in school, it was a beautiful dead after school today tropical moisture gone beautiful look at the call it tower, look at the temperatures a fall field. the city at 57 san jose at the on the spot in the '60s. we are dry from yesterday. the tropical moisture pushed to the south and east. satellite red are clear now. we are drying out and the stable air over us we look at the direction of the wind, we can begin to get the off shore went that will warmus up, not the case yet with high pressure to our south and low pressure funnels in a southwest flow of air.
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and onshore flow continues temperatures will be kept in check. a couple degrees cooler than normal. fog comes back again after midnight. tomorrow absolutely perfect both weekend days, in the city nine degrees below average livermore couple of degrees above average. san jose highs tomorrow 79, livermore 89, we can sunshine upper 80's for the bay topping out at the 60s for the coast. time for sports. surgery for an a's pitcher i'm so glad you called. thank you.
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a's pitcher brendan mccarthy in stable condition hit by a line drive yesterday's game he underwent a two-hour surgery last night to relieve pressure in is sad after a ct scan revealed a hammer chance go fracture a second scan showed the average has subsided the a's did not say it but this season over. you would of thought september 6th the yankees tied for first place, one of two home runs on nine the orioles went 10-6 best match of the u.s. open before hour marathon. he faces novak djokovec in the semis. the tee shot bunches overhaul he pardon tigers shot a seven under one stroke off the lead. the colorado rockies cannot what
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